1. What is SEO
  2. What is Black Hat SEO
  3. What is White Hat SEO
  4. Image optimization
  5. Audio Search Optimization
  6. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  7. Local search optimization
  8. What are the differentiating point between Google, Yahoo and Bing regarding SEO
  9. How to use the Disvow tool and what is its need in modern age of internet.
  10. Why Google discontinued the sitelinks tool inside webmaster tools, is it due to the presence of disvow tool?

On Page SEO

  1. On Page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. On page Google ranking factors
  3. Using Google Rich Snippets, how to Attract More Visitors using it?
  4. How to use the Structured Data Markup tool inside Google Webmaster.
  5. Start Testing Your Current Website with website test tools
  6. Build, maintain and efficiently increase participation in forums

Off Page SEO And Link BuildingOn Page SEO

  1. Off page SEO Guide, what should we do?
  2. Off page Google ranking factors
  3. What are the types of Back link’s that violate Google’s Guidelines
  4. How your competitor is ranking higher than you, know and take action.

Local SEO On Page SEO

  1. What is the need of local optimization and where we can do it?
  2. What is Trust flow and Citation Flow? How it affects ranking and how to increase it?
  3. What are the famous sites where you can have a local page and how? ( I will write)
  4. What are the tools we can use for local seo ( I will write)
  5. How to promote your local page by ppc?
  6. How to use schema, paid local listing and other secret techniques for local seo?

Google Web Master ToolOn Page SEO

  1. Renaming of webmaster tool to search console
  2. How to add website to Google using search console
  3. Features of Dashboard in Google webmaster tool

Bing Web Master toolOn Page SEO

  1. How to add website to Google using search console
  2. Features of Dashboard in Google webmaster tool

Pay Per Click

  1. How PPC impacts your digital marketing movements
  2. How to use Google Keyword tool
  3. How to plan the PPC using google keywords tool
  4. How to get keywords using scrapebox and keyword.io
  5. Efficient Spending on your campaign
  6. How to create a add campaign
  7. How to set up and optimize the add
  8. What you must do in your landing page so add gives you maximum return
  9. What is quality score and why you must know it

Affiliate Marketing

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. How to start your affiliate marketing, which platforms are available for that.
  3. How to know about the product launch>
  4. What is the best product marketing method?
  5. What other sites you need to use and how you can do it?
  6. What is PLR product, how to get them and what are the restrictions in using them?
  7. Which PLR products suit the best for your marketing process?
  8. Warrior marketing details with new ways to work on it.

Email – Marketing

  1. What is email marketing?
  2. Meet the most powerful digital marketing tool
  3. The Best Acquisition Channel System
  4. Clarify Your Email Marketing Goals&Analyze Your Data
  5. Create email content & Test your emails in different platforms
  6. Examples from leading companies with Email Marketing Resources
  7. Email A/B Test Made Simple
  8. Instant visibility and optimization of your url in google first page.

Website Traffic

  1. Free Traffic with targeted and organic traffic increasing sales.
  2. Higher sales and increased ROI
  3. Website traffic checking tools
  4. Analysis of global reach by analytics
  5. Better conversion and increased sell.
  6. Increase website’s subscribers. What are the best methods for it?
  7. How to increase lead and plan for future growth?
  8. Build a strong subscribers database who bought your product and provide them free gifts from time to time, why it is important and not one does that.
  1. Social Media Optimization Vs Social Media Advertising
  2. Promoting Your Brand with the Help of Social Media
  1. Guest Blogging, Press Release Submission
  2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities
  1. Guest Blogging, Press Release Submission
  2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities
  1. Introduction and steps of email marketing
  2. Bulk email Vs Subscription Based email
  1. How to get high conversion by email marketing
  2. Subscription based email marketing platforms
  1. Building email database and updating it.
  1. WordPress Installation in cpanel & SEO plugins
  1. Blogger integration with domain
  2. Blog Directories and Blog Communities
  1. Joomla Installation in cpanel & available forum softwares
  1. Introduction & Earning scope as an Affiliate
  2. Starting Your Own Affiliate Program
  1. Choosing Your Partnership Model
  2. Communicating with Affiliates Recruiting them
  1. Tracking the Affiliate Programs
  2. Tips, Techniques & Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Introduction & Earning scope as an Affiliate
  2. Starting Your Own Affiliate Program
  1. Find Your Niche & Develop or Adopt an Approach for it
  2. Manage the Projects in most cost friendly manner
  3. Promote Your Business & continue to do Personal Selling
  4. Advertising Your Online Business complete guide

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Extensive Ideas Digital Marketing Academy in Kolkata

Extensive Ideas Academy brings one of the best digital marketing training in Kolkata and Online. With years of learning curve and dealing with hundreds of clients They are now well experienced in handling and dealing with the improvement and upgradations that are needed to boost your career in Search Optimisation to Social Marketing to Content Marketing and Paid Add Management. It brings a holistic approach to integrating and unifying the entire digital process called Digital Marketing. As a trainer, Mr. Omkar Nath Nandi delivered training in prestigious IIT, Kharagpur and to the University of Montpellier, France. Our endeavour is to train the student in the least likely costing and place him or her in the fastest mode in industry. It not only boosts his knowledge but brings relief and happiness while earning starts. As our Training is a Training Cum Internship with Extensive Ideas ( A Brand Under Extensive Online), it enables you to get Trainer Certificate for six months while you will get many in-house projects to work on during the training.

We Bring uniform and latest curriculum for our students. Accelerated to help you qualify Google and Bing Certifications and adapt to the most recent changes in Digital World. While working on many difficult areas of the digital world, we will uncover the real secrets of the subject. How it is benefitting the leaders in this field and how it has helped many change their life forever. How it helped build many companies and how due to Digitization many businesses forced to change their thinking pattern. No more corporate houses can think of keeping or maintaining a low profile as that don't boost their presence and neither that does any value addition to the brand and the organisation. Rather investment in Digital Marketing helps promote the brand and builds future prospect of the company.


While working with many businesses we understood it's not at all easy to beat your competitor just by thinking, delivering is more important and for that proper knowledge and sound skills are needed. It must be added with proper mentoring and training from the best in critical case studies and variable scenarios. Our training program covers every essential aspect of the Digital Marketing and includes the in-depth study of search optimisation, social optimisation and lead conversion. We teach you to build a stable and reliable content platform which not only helps boost your job prospect but take you ahead of your competitor in the job market.

Few Extensive Ideas Academy Students( Not Updated )

Few Companies where placement done

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